Antique Golf Connection balls/ball boxes

Early Line-Cut Gutty Golf Balls
practice golf ball
  • 1151 -  rare knitted practice golf ball - 1930's - $30
  • 1152 - mesh pattern practice ball - $25
  • 1153 - early dimple practice ball - $25
Odd Pattern Golf Balls
  • 5012 - Spalding triangle dimples -$100
  • 5022 - Arch Colonel - half moon dimples - $350
Mesh Balls
Wrapped balls
Multiple Wrapped Balls

Bramble Balls

Early Dimple Balls

Multiple Golf Balls


Signature Golf Balls

Logo Golf Balls 

Other balls

Sleeves of Golf Balls
Two unknown balls here. Take a look - at this point they are not for sale (well, anything is for sale at a price!) but if you have info as to a possible origin, please email me at
Ball Boxes (no golf balls included with the boxes)