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 Antique Golf Connection balls/ball boxes

Early Line-Cut Gutty Golf Balls ---All Pre1900

Bramble Balls

Mesh Balls

Odd Pattern Golf Balls

  • 5012 - Spalding triangle dimples -$100
  • 5022 - Arch Colonel - half moon dimples - $350
Wrapped balls
Multiple Wrapped Balls

practice golf ball
  • 1151 -  rare knitted practice golf balls - 1930's - $30
  • 1152 - mesh pattern practice ball - $25
  • 1153 - early dimple practice ball - $25

Early Dimple Balls

Multiple Golf Balls


Signature Golf Balls

Logo Golf Balls 

Other balls

Sleeves of Golf Balls
Two unknown balls here. Take a look - at this point they are not for sale (well, anything is for sale at a price!) but if you have info as to a possible origin, please email me at
Ball Boxes (no golf balls included with the boxes)